Specialists in the Fabrication of Custom Ophthalmic Prosthetics

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We have been serving patients in the Sacramento Area and beyond as Phillip A. Danz and Associates, providing impression fitted, hand sculptured and hand painted ocular prostheses (artificial eyes) for over 46 years, and we are proud to announce our newest location in Las Vegas as Ocular Artists, Inc. 

Eric M. Lindsey is the Protege of Phillip A. Danz, a fourth generation eye maker with roots in German glass eye making.  Eric  is a fine artist and worked with Mr. Danz for over five years before becoming president and allowing Mr. Danz to retire. 

We are skilled in the fitting of thin shell prostheses (scleral shell prostheses) over blind, disfigured eyes (phthisis bulbi).

 We are also experienced with "state of the art" orbital implants such as the coraline (Bioeye), Medpor and all pegging systems.

We strive to provide the best results and will spare no effort to accomplish this goal.

To Learn More about our history and fabrication process, visit our Sacramento website at:


Hand Crafted Artificial Eyes

Board Certified Ocularist

Serving Las Vegas and Sacramento

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